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coloring book for twitter users

here is a very fun idea by @cherubimu ,

a coloring book for twitter users!

i share some examples of them here, if you wanna see more, just visit the original post:

Malbuch für Twitter User.

Malbuch für Twitter User

art by @cherubimu

a little fun collaboration between me and @cherubimu

art by @cherubimu

art by @cherubimu

and i just had another fun idea…lets color this shit!

go ahead, print it out and have lots of fun coloring it, send me your results at twitter,@nat_worx_ and please use hashtag

#twittercolorbook !

i know it’s a painfully long hashtag, but it’s new one!!! let’s have some fun at friday night at our computers 🙂

i’d love to see what you create

and yeah, it’s not really a book, just an idea…but a fun and great one, so who gives a …