beautiful hamburg


summertime, streets are melting and the rails are sticky…

this train in essen/germany had to stop because the street under the rails melted. this could have two reasons: the street was shit or the sun is pretty aggressive (i assume both) .

people, don’t do sunbathes in this heat!!! it is melting streets! what will it do to your skin?

take care, stay cool


beautiful hamburg: baustelle in altona

this is a photo of a construction site in altona, hamburg (germany).

evening scene of building site in hamburg altona. there’s also a little rainbow accompanying the clouds. -photo by jens nandi

so, if you want to see more beautiful photos of my hometown, visit me here 😉  or click this link:


earthsleep – progressive grunge from los angeles

i discovered earthsleep via facebook. better said, i was hanging around on my favorite smashing pumpkins community page on fb (yes, i’m a fangirl) and saw a photo of a young nude girl on a smashing pumpkins zeitgeist flag.

that photo was so stunning that i contacted the girl to ask her for the permission to use her photo for my art. she replied that she would be happy to inspire me and that her boyfriend took the photo and that they both are in a band called earthsleep. i also contacted the boyfriend jonathan bouknight and we talked a bit back and forth. turns out that the girl is amazing! her name is cindy clark and she’s a photographer, model and singer.

the art

they inspired me to create

the music



photo by natalia britt

the girlwolf

photo by lexa gabrielle


and last but not least, i have some more band related links for you:

but, achtung baby! some photos are NSFW

rock on 😉