neue musik: Sticky Biscuits – EVEN THE CUTEST KITTENS

Veröffentlicht am 19.06.2017

whether you’re straight or queer, poly or mono, here’s a lil SEX HEALTH PSA in the form of a poppy chiptune disco song to listen to before you go out venturing into the big wild world hungry for adventures ~(‾▿‾~)(~‾▿‾)~

from our EP ‘Public Service Arousements’:…


Marc: I had a date last night
Naomi: well we have an open relationship so that’s all right
Marc: so we went home… sorry I… didn’t send a text
Naomi: no worries hey I trust you just tell me what happened next
Marc: well we had sex, didn’t make it to bed, did it on the stairs
Naomi: wait I think you skipped over a little part back there

Naomi: the part where you ask about their sexual history
Marc: I kind of like it when there’s a lit bit of mystereeeeee

Naomi: they told you bout the birds n bees
but didn’t talk to you about STD’s
but like my mom always says
even the cutest kittens have fleas

Marc: I didn’t want to kill the mood and be
“Hey do you get tested regularly?”
you’re overdoing it with your paranoia
a little chlamydia won’t destroy ya

Naomi: you might wanna be a lot more persistant
chlamydia’s getting antibiotic resistant
and girls have higher chances of getting infected
so better think twice before you injected…

Marc: I had a raincoat on so where is the big risk?
Naomi: There’s also oral infection with things like Syphiliiiiis

before you get down to oralize
see to it that you verbalize
Because, and even your mom agrees
even the cutest kittens have fleas

Always talk to your lovers please
even the cutest kittens have fleas
before you get down on ur knees
even the cutest kittens have fleas
everybody sing with me
even the cutest kittens have fleas
everbody sing with me
even the cutest kittens have fleas
everybody sing with us
even the cute… kittens have fleas


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some SEX HEALTH RESOURCES, for the info hungry (⌐■_■)

good Safer Sex article with a detailed RISK CHART to assess the risks associated with different sex acts (2011):…

‘How soon should I get TESTed?’ Infographic (2015):…




Choreography: Jule Flierl, Frank Willens, Thomas Proksch/Florian Lenz/Lynda Rahal, Ben Landsberg/Erin Poole, Marc Seestaedt

Dancers: Hella von Sinnen, Bernardo Chatillon, Tobias+Melissa Jundt, Oly Stash, Spencer Carter, Lulu Rafano, David Hailey, Frank Willens, Jule Flierl, Robert Wimpory, Jasper Jung, Aoife Lawler, Stephen Paul Taylor

Songwriting, Recording, Concept, Camera, Cat Mask Crafting: Naomi Fearn

Songwriting, Recording, Concept, Camera, Editing: Marc Seestaedt

VFX Supervision, Green Screen Setup, 3D Background for the Finale: Omer Ben David

Animated Backgrounds: SGPROKK

filmed in 4K on a Panasonic GH4

all music created on Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator Arcade

Special Thanks to (シ_ _)シ
our Patreon supporters, Medienwerkstatt Berlin and Alsterfilm Studios


neue musik: Donut Heart – there is no…

Veröffentlicht am 25.05.2017

Here is Donut Heart’s first official music video! The song is called There Is No… and it’s available for free download on bandcamp (…).

Director: Lesley Suzanne Dean
Producer: Rahel Thiele
Camera: Mystery Man
Editing: Lesley Suzanne Dean

Alfred Ladylike – uke+voice
Rah Hell – drums
Dara Star – bass

Stephan Mrozik
Robert Wimpory
Dimitri Trevelyan
Robert E. Hogan
David Mouriquand
Suzanne Wegh
Georgina Russell

Recording/Mixing: Sandro Chiaravalle
Additional Mixing: Josh Gura
Songwriting: Alfred Ladylike

Special thanks to David Hawkins, Peter Gillis, Karen Hoyos, and Marion Barry

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there is no piece of rope long enough
for you to choke all the necks that
deserve to be choked

and there is no ray of hope for the many
who can’t cope with the laws of
nature and of man

make up a story to explain
it might alleviate the pain
but anyone with half a brain
can see it is just a fantasy

easy answers will placate
so they don’t mind manipulation
by the power-hungry

there is nowhere to go when you
already know that you’ll end up right
where you began

and there is no tiny mole in a hole
who controls what the weather will be
like on groundhog day

the thing about things by amanda palmer

what fits better into a blog with the subtitle: “…about art, music and things” than a song with the title: the thing about things…?

thanx for the release amanda and thanx to the patreon-people for providing my favorite artist with dough to produce art.



i’ve loaned a lot of things to a lot of friends

like dresses and records and books

and some of the time i never see them again

and in a weird way i think that it works

because the thing about things is they start turning evil

when you start to forget what they’re for

and so if you’re not sure what you did with my sweater

i’ll just have to love you a little bit more

i had a ring it belonged to my grandfather

he was a mason

and gay and he was distant and bitter

for all of my childhood we never had much to say

he wasn’t the type to give tokens of affection

and so i stole ring when he died

and twenty years on when i lost it at a bar

i thought that’s fine



the thing about things is that they can start meaning things

nobody actually said

and if he couldn’t make something mean something for me

i had to make up what it meant

i can carry everything i need in one collapsing suitcase

i can carry everyone i love in one phone application

built to maximize the facetime with the friends i’m bent on making

actually i want to be alone

to mourn the loss

of what this cost

i think it’s a poem and i think it keeps going

i’ve borrowed and lost lots of things

and three nights ago in the bar where i lost it

the bartender gave me the ring

and i lie in bed

with my phone in my hand


what can i fix with which app

and i call my grandfather

and he doesn’t answer

and i have to make peace with that fact

because the thing about things

is that they can start meaning things nobody actually said

and if you’re not allowed to love people alive

then you learn how to love people dead

the thing about things is that they can start meaning things nobody actually said

and if you’re not allowed

to love people alive

then you learn how to love people dead

music & lyrics written by Amanda Palmer

ukulele & vocals – Amanda Palmer

recorded at Q Division in Somerville, Ma

mixed at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Ma

engineered & mixed by Benny Grotto

artwork by Famehouse produced by Amanda Palmer & Benny Grotto

Available for free/paid download at


And available for purchase shortly on iTunes and all major digital distributor

if you like it, share it 🙂