twitterart and eurovision #esc2016

hello dear readers, i skipped writing about dead rockstars and idols…because everyone else did., but now to some good things…the traditional blogpost about the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST !!! (reread my last years post , featuring twitter art from @JazzHutch)

this years show was held in sweden and i have to say: they did an amazing job, not only i thought that it was the best show ever…and i really watch this contest since forever. it was  fun  and not as painful as i expected. nothing to bitch about. the quality of the songs was good…except maybe the “frozen”-themed songs…they all sounded like :”the cold never bothered me anyway” -songs.

the hosts did a great job i laughed tears at their intermission

and now…TWITTERART!!!

this year @hellomizk was illustrating live at twitter during the eurovision song contest and here are the results. i love it!!!

that was not only exciting for you but also very much joy to watch. great job kristen, and it was also her birthday yesterday…so also: happy birthday

you wanna know who won? this one…it was my favorite:

and my country? well…we had 11 points…but that’s ok…we are used to it.

i hope you liked iit and i would like to recommend following @hellomizk on twitter, she is constantly creating new art!!!



twitterart and eurovision

hi friends, this is the first post of the new blog and what would be a better topic to start with than the weirdest song contest ever? yes, i am talking about

the eurovision song contest

(for me it is tradition to write a blog about it. you can read previous blogposts about the esc in my “old” blog TCABAM .) the best about the ESC (and no, ESC doesn’t mean ESCAPE…you can not escape this madness) is watching it together with other human beeings. i was watching it with my family and my twitterfriends, bitching about the costumes, the dancing and the bad singing…i love that 🙂 .

let me share my favorite tweets of last night with you

some of them will be in german language (because i am from germany).

#drawovision was the hashtag for esc art on twitter this year. rules: draw the contestants while they are performing on tv.

and then came sweden

and i said: “he could win.” and my husband was like: “no way!!!”

for the first time australia took part in the contest…because australia is clearly a part of europe…i think they should make a world music contest. that’d be a spectaculum like the fifa world cup…

did i mention that this is a very long contest? they made no half time break or peepee pause.
then the voting started and a psychedelic disney like instrumental music medley started playing for an endless time


congratulations sweden

…my country, germany made incredible ZERO points, i think that never happened before in the 60 years history of the eurovision song contest.

i hope you enjoyed this very long first post and i am looking forward to sharing more music, art and things with you in the future 🙂