earthsleep – progressive grunge from los angeles

i discovered earthsleep via facebook. better said, i was hanging around on my favorite smashing pumpkins community page on fb (yes, i’m a fangirl) and saw a photo of a young nude girl on a smashing pumpkins zeitgeist flag.

that photo was so stunning that i contacted the girl to ask her for the permission to use her photo for my art. she replied that she would be happy to inspire me and that her boyfriend took the photo and that they both are in a band called earthsleep. i also contacted the boyfriend jonathan bouknight and we talked a bit back and forth. turns out that the girl is amazing! her name is cindy clark and she’s a photographer, model and singer.

the art

they inspired me to create

the music



photo by natalia britt

the girlwolf

photo by lexa gabrielle


and last but not least, i have some more band related links for you:

but, achtung baby! some photos are NSFW

rock on 😉



twitterart and eurovision

hi friends, this is the first post of the new blog and what would be a better topic to start with than the weirdest song contest ever? yes, i am talking about

the eurovision song contest

(for me it is tradition to write a blog about it. you can read previous blogposts about the esc in my “old” blog TCABAM .) the best about the ESC (and no, ESC doesn’t mean ESCAPE…you can not escape this madness) is watching it together with other human beeings. i was watching it with my family and my twitterfriends, bitching about the costumes, the dancing and the bad singing…i love that 🙂 .

let me share my favorite tweets of last night with you

some of them will be in german language (because i am from germany).

#drawovision was the hashtag for esc art on twitter this year. rules: draw the contestants while they are performing on tv.

and then came sweden

and i said: “he could win.” and my husband was like: “no way!!!”

for the first time australia took part in the contest…because australia is clearly a part of europe…i think they should make a world music contest. that’d be a spectaculum like the fifa world cup…

did i mention that this is a very long contest? they made no half time break or peepee pause.
then the voting started and a psychedelic disney like instrumental music medley started playing for an endless time


congratulations sweden

…my country, germany made incredible ZERO points, i think that never happened before in the 60 years history of the eurovision song contest.

i hope you enjoyed this very long first post and i am looking forward to sharing more music, art and things with you in the future 🙂