artist problems…

i don´t know how much acrylic coffee i drank over the years, i was laughing so hard when my friend send me this tweet of fellow twitter artist.

have a good new week



nat in art land 2 – donut heart video premiere

the berlin based uke rock band DONUT HEART

(i wrote a little bit about them before)

celebrated  their music video premiere at ludwig in berlin on may 25

and i was invited to join them on stage for bodypainting.

Image may contain: one or more people

in this picture:my human canvas, me and alfred ladylike, frontwoman of donut heart

i also painted donuts and other sweet bakery on every person that was willing to PLUS

SUZANNE FORBES  did amazing live documentary drawing during the event.

[you can support her art directly by becoming a PATRON.]

Donut Heart at Ludwig Berlin by Suzanne Forbes May 25 2017

donut heart played an acoustic set

Natascha bodypainting at Ludwig by Suzanne Forbes May 25 2017

this is me during my bodypainting performance or:how to paint a unicorn on a naked man in 5 minutes

Image may contain: 1 person, glasses

the first donut i painted on suzanne forbes boob, good start

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

sweet svenja funke cherry muffin

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, close-up

dawn lintern rocking the donut

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, close-up

i think i scared suzepuz

Image may contain: indoor

most people got their donuts on this part of the body

and this is the musicvideo:

there is no piece of rope long enough
for you to choke all the necks that
deserve to be choked

and there is no ray of hope for the many
who can’t cope with the laws of
nature and of man

make up a story to explain
it might alleviate the pain
but anyone with half a brain
can see it is just a fantasy

easy answers will placate
so they don’t mind manipulation
by the power-hungry

there is nowhere to go when you
already know that you’ll end up right
where you began

and there is no tiny mole in a hole
who controls what the weather will be
like on groundhog day


alright, that was part 2 of 2, part 1 is here .

i hope you liked my writings about my excursions into art land…





nat in art land 1 – the red paintings

hey artlover and music freaks, i´ve been VERY busy, so i owe you some posts, but first things first:

do you know THE RED PAINTINGS ? i wrote about them in this blog earlyer.

i stumbled over this amazing band a few years ago, my friend devi, who also is a blogger ( go here: saw them at whitby goth weekend two years ago

and she was like: “natascha, we have to go to see this band, they have costumes and bodypainting on stage,and the music is brilliant!”,here is a bit more about that.

so on may 20 , the red paintings had an amazing show in hamburg at monkeys music club 

and my friend devi and i went there and i was happy to live paint with the band at the show.

i arrived around 8pm at the venue, got to the merch table to be brought to the backstage area. this really is not as exciting as it sounds, just a room with some mirrors and some old couches. the band was already getting dressed, alix was doing her make up, trash was getting his glow-eyes-skirt ready and i was handed a black morph suit and a mask. YAY COSTUMES! i brought some of my own paint, but they also had some (in the process of painting i mixed them later). they had no volunteer to be the human canvas this time,but i got a big canvas right next to the stage in front of the audience. the band started playing and my “job” during the first 4 songs was to walk through the people and creep them out a little bit. thanx to the mask i was wearing, that was a lot of fun. most people back off immediately when you come near them and look weird.

the music …oh the music, this band creates such beautiful music, it was really not hard to paint with this music. the music practically painted my painting…does that make sense?

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and indoor

Image may contain: night and indoor

[i got these pictures later from TRP fans via facebook (THANK YOU, you know who you are)]

Image may contain: one or more people

i painted a treehugging girl on a bleeding tree, don´t know where she came from…well,yes i do…she came through the music!

THE RED PAINTINGS on bandcamp: 

when i began to paint the blood dripping from the ripped roots of the tree the band stopped playing for a minute or so (it felt like forever) and trash was like: “*sigh…beautiful…let´s just stand here and watch the painting…” it was absolutely silent…i was so grateful to wear a mask,because i was smiling all around my head… it did not feel uncomfortable, it felt weird and great and i loved it ;).

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

trash also loved the painting and they took it with them. i could do that every day, it was so much fun. a guy asked ME for an autograph, how weird is this?

well…if you ever hear about THE RED PAINTINGS in your town: GO THERE! they are an unbelieveable amazing band and they are currently on tour in the UK


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following the long tradition of this blog to write about the eurovision song contest, i will write about it again,but in an art-way: twitter gave birth to #drawovision last night.

a live speed painting thing artists at twitter do during the eurovision song contest, posting the artwork in real time. last year @hellomizk visualized all the contestants in watercolors.

so this year she also painted the shit out of her brush and here is the awesome result:

also it is the artists birthday today, so you all visit her homepage and show some love !


Hamburg – Laugh until your face hurts at Rachman Blake’s Story Party

Ahoy Hamburg!

I’m just quickly going to tell you about a hilarious event that’s happening Thursday night at Jolly Jumper in Hamburg: Story Party – Dating Stories Told hosted by the fantastically surreal Natasha Paul BikiniOff.

(I’m writing this blog on my phone as I have no functioning laptop here and it’s a nightmare so I’m keeping this one short.)

If you want to train your laughing muscles, make sure you’re there Thursday night. Due to high demand a second show was added as fhe first show starting at 7pm is already sold out. As you can see this shit is hottt. Second show starts at 9pm. Be quick, there are only a few ticktes available here!


If you don’t live in Hamburg, do not fear Story Party might come to a venue near you very soon.

Upcoming Story Parties in other cities all over Europe:

April 9 – Comedy Cafe BERLIN

April 21 – Buberts RIGA, Latvia

April 22 – Erinevate Tubade Klubi TALINN, Estonia

April 23 – BielaĹ„ska 1, Plac Teatralny WARSAW, Poland

April 29 – The Comedy Club SOFIA, Bulgaria

April 30 – Ben Akiba comedy club & bar BELGRADE, Serbia

May 6 – Damdayiz  -ISTANBUL, Turkey

May 14 – Tunnel VIENNA, Austria

…Many more to follow, check event list here.

Catch one if you can!



Find out more about Rachman

on Twitter – or Facebook – or Instagram


Take care, lots of love!




Das Fluff – Post Punk Electro Filth

Let me introduce to you: the she-devil herself Dawn Lintern with her band post punk electro band Das Fluff.

‘The deranged love child of Debbie Harry and Freddie Mercury set to the melodies of Goldfrapp’-


Das Fluff concerts are quite a wild ride. I remember the first time I saw them live last winter. I was pretty blown away by the show as I had never seen anything like it. Dawn’s stage presence is mesmerising, almost intimidating.*

Together with Christian Ruland on the electronic front and Stefan ‘Misty’ Missfeld on guitar Dawn Lintern creates an atmosphere on stage that strikes you with awe – in the best possible way. It’s something you just have to experience yourself live really but here’s a taste.

The latest music video of das Fluff for the song Popstar User from the album The Flower With Knife was just released tonight, check it out:


Das Fluff have already toured several countries in Europe, Asia and America in the past years but are about to conquer (for them) new territory on March 31: HAMBURG!



Upcoming shows: 

March 30 @ Wild At Heart, Berlin

with Drummer Morgan King


March 31 @ Astra Stube, Hamburg

with Telomer


April 22 @ Electrowerkz, London

with Healthy Junkies and Dice People




If you have the chance to catch Das Fluff live, go for it, enjoy the ride! They will wake you up from your hibernation, that’s for sure. Go, go, go!


All the love.

xx RAH!


*In the past year I had the pleasure to get to know Dawn personally and I can consider her my friend. Behind the she-devil mask I see a very inspiring, warm and strong human being. A woman to look up to and a great person to be around. I’m happy to have her in my life.