Betyljoos- Arms Of A Stranger

Veröffentlicht am 22.07.2017

“Arms Of A Stranger” – Performed by BeylJoos
NYC based artist.

instagram: @BetylJoos

Album coming soon!


Im Zeichen des Virus’ #WGT2017 – Rückblick – Teil 1

ReBlog/ Quelle:

Moin moin,

ich bin zurück aus meinem Gotenurlaub in Leipzig. Es fand zum 26. Mal das Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig statt. Ich war dort zum … ich weiß nicht mehr wievielten Mal gewesen, aber definitiv zum 4. Mal zusammen mit Mr T als Partner. Es war wundervoll und eine Mischung aus virulent und alkohollastig.

Am Anreisetag Donnerstag dem 1. Juni 2017 wurde ich am Morgen bereits mit Kreislaufkollaps, Migräneattacke und Übelkeit geweckt. Ich war bis 11 Uhr nicht transportfähig, obwohl Mr T und ich bereits 11 Uhr auf der Autobahn sein wollten. Daraus wurde allerdings nichts. Ich half mir bereits auf nüchternem Magen Aspirin effekt hinein, sowie anderthalb Liter Wasser. Dann bewegte ich mich mit Mr Ts Begleitung zum Bäcker des Vertrauens, wo ich eine große Tasse Tee trank und ein halbes halbes Brötchen mit Kräuterquark. Nachdem mein Kreislauf wieder halbwegs in Ordnung war, begaben wir uns auf die Reise. Mr T vergaß bei all der Aufregung seinen Gehrock.


weiter geht es hier: Im Zeichen des Virus’ #WGT2017 – Rückblick – Teil 1

Teil 2

Teil 3

Teil 4

Hamburg – Laugh until your face hurts at Rachman Blake’s Story Party

Ahoy Hamburg!

I’m just quickly going to tell you about a hilarious event that’s happening Thursday night at Jolly Jumper in Hamburg: Story Party – Dating Stories Told hosted by the fantastically surreal Natasha Paul BikiniOff.

(I’m writing this blog on my phone as I have no functioning laptop here and it’s a nightmare so I’m keeping this one short.)

If you want to train your laughing muscles, make sure you’re there Thursday night. Due to high demand a second show was added as fhe first show starting at 7pm is already sold out. As you can see this shit is hottt. Second show starts at 9pm. Be quick, there are only a few ticktes available here!


If you don’t live in Hamburg, do not fear Story Party might come to a venue near you very soon.

Upcoming Story Parties in other cities all over Europe:

April 9 – Comedy Cafe BERLIN

April 21 – Buberts RIGA, Latvia

April 22 – Erinevate Tubade Klubi TALINN, Estonia

April 23 – Bielańska 1, Plac Teatralny WARSAW, Poland

April 29 – The Comedy Club SOFIA, Bulgaria

April 30 – Ben Akiba comedy club & bar BELGRADE, Serbia

May 6 – Damdayiz  -ISTANBUL, Turkey

May 14 – Tunnel VIENNA, Austria

…Many more to follow, check event list here.

Catch one if you can!



Find out more about Rachman

on Twitter – or Facebook – or Instagram


Take care, lots of love!




Das Fluff – Post Punk Electro Filth

Let me introduce to you: the she-devil herself Dawn Lintern with her band post punk electro band Das Fluff.

‘The deranged love child of Debbie Harry and Freddie Mercury set to the melodies of Goldfrapp’-


Das Fluff concerts are quite a wild ride. I remember the first time I saw them live last winter. I was pretty blown away by the show as I had never seen anything like it. Dawn’s stage presence is mesmerising, almost intimidating.*

Together with Christian Ruland on the electronic front and Stefan ‘Misty’ Missfeld on guitar Dawn Lintern creates an atmosphere on stage that strikes you with awe – in the best possible way. It’s something you just have to experience yourself live really but here’s a taste.

The latest music video of das Fluff for the song Popstar User from the album The Flower With Knife was just released tonight, check it out:


Das Fluff have already toured several countries in Europe, Asia and America in the past years but are about to conquer (for them) new territory on March 31: HAMBURG!



Upcoming shows: 

March 30 @ Wild At Heart, Berlin

with Drummer Morgan King


March 31 @ Astra Stube, Hamburg

with Telomer


April 22 @ Electrowerkz, London

with Healthy Junkies and Dice People




If you have the chance to catch Das Fluff live, go for it, enjoy the ride! They will wake you up from your hibernation, that’s for sure. Go, go, go!


All the love.

xx RAH!


*In the past year I had the pleasure to get to know Dawn personally and I can consider her my friend. Behind the she-devil mask I see a very inspiring, warm and strong human being. A woman to look up to and a great person to be around. I’m happy to have her in my life.




Ahoy, my name is Rah.

Hi. I’m Rah. Rah fookin’ Hell

I’m the new one. Today I was kindly added to the New Artist Army blog by Natascha Artworx.

So let me introduce myself…

I’m a musician. My favouritest thing to do in the whole world is to play the drums and to make people dance!

I also play a bit of ukulele.


Playing the uke at Uke Boogie Berlin. Photo by David Hawkins

I enjoy making people happy in general. It makes me happy. I like to make this scary world a little brighter so I do what I can. And I think this blog is a good opportunity to contribute at least a little.

I live in Berlin and am well connected to the music, art and comedy scene here. So I will keep you updated on all the hot shit that’s going down pretty much every day in Belin. And I’ll feed you information about events and projects all over the planet of artists that are worth checking out.

I currently play in a quirky all chicks uke rock band called Donut Heart. Nat recently wrote about a show we played with Sh…Diam in Hamburg at Linker Laden.

And about our CD release gig in October 2016.

Our album is available for streaming and to download right here on Bandcamp.


Ad Astra Per Absurdum… This is Donut Heart.

Once a month I host an open stage called Uke Boogie at Lagari in Neukölln. As the name already gives away, it’s an open mic night for mainly ukuleles – and other instruments that aren’t guitars (it’s on every second Thursday of the month, next one: April 13. (I’ll tell you more about that in a separate blog post)).

Rocknroll Artworx

Poster for the upcoming Uke Boogie open mic by our Natascha Artworx

I’m also involved in the Freudian Slip Club Berlin founded by  my wonderful friend Liliana Velásquez. The Slip Club deserves a separate post sometime in the near future. Hang tight.

I’m volunteering for the NGO Sea Shepherd trying to save marine wildlife. Because when the ocean dies, we die. And mateys, it does not look promising, let me tell you that.

What else is there people could be interested in knowing about me? I’m 25 soon, I study event management at Deutsche Pop Akademie and I’m in an on-off relationship with veganism.

I grew up on a pretty remote farm near Eschwege (which is somewhere in the middle of Germany). In 2013 Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra came to my dad’s barn to play a set and party with 70 strangers in the middle of nowhere. That’s where the name Eschvegas comes from which I still like to use when I refer to my hometown. I like the irony as Eschvegas and Las Vegas could hardly be more different.


Viva Eschvegas. Amanda Palmer on a pile of pretty people.

That’s it for now. More will be revealed as I blog, my friends.

I’m excited to get started.

All the love!




Deep breath drum face at the Bowie Tribute Show in Lido 2016 – captured by Jan Fels

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der suendige pfad


Holger startet um 7:00 in Pobena..


…auch in Hamburg ist man fleißig und Natascha lädt zu “Kunst im Hof” nach Wilhelmsburg in die Honigfabrik ein.

Kunst im Hof4Von links nach rechts, Chris Walldorf, Natascha Artworx, Wendy Sally

Das maritime feeling auf der Insel…

Jacobsweg20   Jacobsweg19

…erinnert  sehr an das letzte Werk von Marina.

Graceful Death26

Melancholie und Wehmut macht sich breit. Die Ankunft von Holger ist um 11:15 in Castro Urdiales.


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der suendige pfad

14. Juli 2016


aufbruch von markina


kloster von zenaarruza

nach 8 km kommt das kloster. der herbergsvater gibt uns cafe con… obwohl geschlossen ist. 🙂

ich mache pause, die füße werden besser.


etappenziel erreicht…einige caminos trudeln auch ein. was für ein schönes gefühl. die menschen auf dem camino sinbd anders…ich liebe es!


as always, in good company…


laura cleary from ireland says: interesting project, i look forward to following it on facebook


david cleary from limerick, ireland

in zwei tagen in bilbao, es ist sauhart, aber gleichzeitig wie urlaub. ich werde versuchen im guggenheim museum einen stempel zu bekommen…


unser abendessen wird vorbereitet…

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Für die Kunst

der suendige pfad


die fotos von holgers zerstörten füßen haben mich stark an mein werk: “die roten schuhe” errinnert. alles für die kunst…

*mehr kunst von natascha artworx


und während ich im dunstigen hamburg sitze, sortiere ich all die (gefühlten) 1 million fotos, die holger mir täglich vom jakobsweg per whatsapp schickt…

abends bastel ich dann alles in den blog, den blog oder das blog…die blog??? kann mich mal jemand aufklären? bitte? danke …


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Erste Eindrücke, Bekanntschaften und Wein

der suendige pfad


pfad 4pfad4

die erste karte, die aus der herberge abgeschickt wird (vermute ich, natascha artworx, ich schreibe und poste den ganzen spaß hier, den mir holger musiol live per whatsapp schickt.)

und erst mal ein kaffee 🙂


pfad 4



pfad 4

wein, schon leicht verschwommen…


…und ein mädel namens marina.







ein hartes tagewerk ist vollbracht…

-holger musiol

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