Night of the Living Selfie: Natascha Artworx, Donut Heart, SPT, Bang
Natascha*Artworx’s “Internuts Selfie” exhibition is a disturbing and enlightening examination of self-projection in the Internet age, on display at the Kapernaumkirche in Berlin from 31/10 to 25/11/2016. In her adaptation of selfie digital photographs into acrylic paintings, the Hamburg-based artist portrays real people as they see themselves, or as they would like to be seen. On the night of the vernissage, which just happens to be Halloween night, local musicians Stephen Paul Taylor and Donut Heart will haunt the church along with Adrian Bang and another special guest or two. The band will perform as living selfies, dressed in white to act as the canvas for Bang’s psychedelic video projections. With so many layers of selfie inception, everyone (audience, artists, and even the artworks themselves) will be invited to take a healthy look at their own egos and think about how they project! Entry is free, but donations will be collected to benefit a local organization that provides support for people with eating disorders.

feel invited, show up, show some love

here is the fb eventpage:




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