Berlin: Donut Heart CD release Party

photo by Johannes Manuel Benjamin CC BY 2016

photo by Johannes Manuel Benjamin CC BY 2016

Donut Heart has been busy spreading their love on 7 awesome tracks! Come get a copy of the very first CD they created and celebrate the ukulele rock release with them…there will be glitter! and a DJ! and donuts!

from Donut Heart:

Recorded in April by Sandro Chiaravalle at T berlin, our album was mixed by said audio wiz and then sent to mujician Josh Gura in Sweden for some intensive mojo treatment. The packaging features Marion Barry’s awesome donut logo, another donut designed by Lesley (having no idea what she was doing), and a beautiful painting by Jack Bride, which depicts a scene dreamt by Dara of a stoned unicorn pony blistening to our music in the form of a donut on a Fisher Price record player in a majestic psychedelic wonderland. Rah found a place that makes CDs out of black plastic to look like little vinyl records, so yeah…wait till you see/hear/experience!!

This project has been entirely self-funded and DIY, so we’re charging a small entry price at the release to help cover costs. But if you really can’t afford it, you won’t be turned away.

peace out (far out),
Donut Heart!

and look, how beautiful the cds are

photo by Donut Heart

and the best, you can also PRE ORDER them here :

and you’ll instantly get two songs to listen to. and after that  you all come to the cd release party at posh teckel in berlin, see you there !

Donut Heart CD Release Party Concert
Saturday, October 8th 2016, doors at 7:30 / show at 8
Posh Teckel, Pfluegerstr 4, 12047 Berlin, Germany
Admission: 5 euros
Facebook event:




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