twitterart and eurovision #esc2016

hello dear readers, i skipped writing about dead rockstars and idols…because everyone else did., but now to some good things…the traditional blogpost about the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST !!! (reread my last years post , featuring twitter art from @JazzHutch)

this years show was held in sweden and i have to say: they did an amazing job, not only i thought that it was the best show ever…and i really watch this contest since forever. it was  fun  and not as painful as i expected. nothing to bitch about. the quality of the songs was good…except maybe the “frozen”-themed songs…they all sounded like :”the cold never bothered me anyway” -songs.

the hosts did a great job i laughed tears at their intermission

and now…TWITTERART!!!

this year @hellomizk was illustrating live at twitter during the eurovision song contest and here are the results. i love it!!!

that was not only exciting for you but also very much joy to watch. great job kristen, and it was also her birthday yesterday…so also: happy birthday

you wanna know who won? this one…it was my favorite:

and my country? well…we had 11 points…but that’s ok…we are used to it.

i hope you liked iit and i would like to recommend following @hellomizk on twitter, she is constantly creating new art!!!



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