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wie geil ist das denn?




hey artlovers,

most of you already know that i am a painter, but did i tell you that i had the great honour to paint on stage with THE RED PAINTINGS last year?

i am writing this blog because i want to do that again, someday in the future.

the thing is, there will only be a future for this band if you ALL help them…

here is how:

Greetings Red Children and the rest of humanity… we are TIME.

As many of you may know The Red Paintings are a #newdirt musical project that seek to involve all aspects of art and media through their live performances. With audiences from all over the world participating as painters and human canvases, The Red Paintings strive to build a community in which people feel free to express and liberate themselves. Through touring and releasing new material, the act are desperately trying to make ends meet to ensure that they do not suffer the same fate as many of their contemporaries. Their reluctance to begin proceedings for the second album is due to lack of funding, however, in a fast moving society like today’s, time is of the essence. As a result of this, we have taken matters into our own hands.

The purpose of this video is to inform you that as of the 30th March 2016, we are holding The Red Paintings for ransom in a secure facility at an undisclosed location. The band will not be released until enough ransom money has been raised through PledgeMusic to create their new album. The industry’s lack of funding and artist development has forced us to help them seek alternative means that enable them to continue their creative process. Thus far, The Red Paintings legacy proves that this is an act that refuses to admit defeat or cut corners at the expense of their art. It is their intention to bring you an album even more epic and ambitious than the first. Needless to say, this is no easy feat and you should not underestimate the challenge of this journey. The Red Paintings need you.

Your task is simple, but vital. By making pledges you will help bring The Red Paintings closer to a new musical vision. The pledges will be put towards the cost of studio time, musicians, engineers, mastering and music videos. In exchange for your investment, all pledgers will receive exclusive rewards determined by the amount you choose to pledge. When key milestones are achieved, pledgers will also be able to unlock exclusive content from within the secure facility. If these contributions successfully surpass the ransom amount, any additional funds over 100% will assist in the cost of touring and development of more complex stage shows.

These actions may be drastic but it is for their own benefit as well as others. The direction of this adventure is up to you. You have 60 days in which to complete this task. The Red Paintings’ fate is in your hands. Do we have enough time?

here is what you need to do:

go to and pledge the hell out of this site.

THE RED PAINTINGS are one of my favorite bands and i want them to create music and to go on tour, their live shows are so great! they have living canvases and live painter on stage!!! sorry if i sound like a 14 year old, but this band is what i missed for so long. i often thought: why is there no real music beeing made nowadays? it is made, if we pledge, support, spread the word about indie bands and artists.

amanda palmer once (or twice) said: WE ARE THE MEDIA!!! so let us be the media and make this new record happen before TIME runs out.

DO IT!!!


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Einladung zur Finissage am 07.04.2016


aussenansicht der MYTORO Contemporary Art Gallery( foto von marina schreckling)

hallo leute und leutinnen,

ich möchte euch gern zu unserer ausstellung in hamburg/harburg einladen. bis zum 09.04.2016 läuft die gruppen ausstellung mit dem titel kommunikation noch im mytoro in der lüneburger straße 1a, 21073 Hamburg und am 07.04 findet ab 19 uhr die finissage statt.

zu dieser abschlussveranstaltung möchte ich euch herzlich einladen.

meine kunst-kollegen annette mewes-thoms, karsten zwinger, christina geisensetter, marina schreckling, evelyne frostl, karl-heinz maukel, zoe fleurie und ich, natascha artworx , freuen uns darauf euch unsere werke persönlich zu präsentieren.

harburg aktuell berichtete über unsere vernissage am 18.03.2016:

installation von karl-heinz maukel , foto von marina schreckling

installation von karl-heinz maukel , foto von marina schreckling

mytoro selfie

internuts selfie acrylbilder von natascha artworx, foto von marina schreckling


Triptychon von christina gesensetter, foto von marina schreckling


diese und viele andere kunstwerke erwarten euch am donnerstag um 19:00 uhr.

und wenn ihr nicht in hamburg oder umgebung wohnt, oder vielleicht keine zeit habt, dann teilt doch diese post auf twitter und facebook und so…ihr wisst schon.  🙂

fast hätte ich es vergessen: ausserdem findet zu diesem anlass auch ein offenes fx-künstlertreffen statt


ich freu mich auf euch , bis donnerstag!


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