martin bisi needs a little help from friends

dear readers, listeners, lovers,

my friend martin bisi was attacked near his studio by some junkies. he is out of hospital and back home now, but he lost some teeth which is the main problem. he already payed several thousands of dollars to cover his medical bills, but it would be great if some fans and friends could help him out.

he did not start the kickstarter though, his friend oliver from german band tonfang had the idea:

Martin is not the type to ask for help. In fact, this KickStarter was not his idea – although he IS fully aware of it and is grateful for any and all of you that will or do go on to contribute. It was put together with the sole intent of raising the money for Martin’s unexpected medical emergency. He has helped too many of us artists over the years for us to not immediately attempt to give back! As KickStarter somewhat frowns upon campaigns geared to cover “bills” – we have designed something special, with Martin, to include for the campaign. In January 2016 (on the 16th & 17th) – a recording to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the studio will happen and this is a chance to be involved.

thank you for your time and consideration of Martin! -Oliver

please spread the word, repost, retweet, reblog…



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